01. Juniper

Tuscany & macedonia.

The finest juniper is prized for its notes of pine, heather and lavender. Tired berries lose their aromas, so it’s important to distil in season.

02. Coriander


The perfect complement to juniper with fragrant flavours spanning citrus to spice.

03. Orange


Fresh Valencia Late oranges are individually halved by hand to ensure only fresh fruit reaches the still.

04. Cinnamon

Sri lanka.

Mixing thick and thin whole bark (never ground) provides complexity. The thick bark is powerful and warming, while the thinner bark provides a floral, menthol note.

05. Orris


Highly valued in perfume, the root provides earthy notes and contributes to the gin’s length and complexity.

06. Liquorice


Notoriously varied from batch to batch, we blend batches to achieve consistency with wonderful mouthfeel.

07. Calamus


Rare in gins,though much admired in Italian bitters, calamus is complex with early nutmeg preceding ginger.

08. Angelica


Contributes complex citrus and pine with base notes that bind the other botancials.